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So, I picked up a house at the courthouse steps.
  The starting bid was $37k and I bought it at $45k.  It's a

4/1 and I'm going to be making it a 4bd/2bth. 
Check out the video of the house and how it looks before

we do the renovation...


I'd like you to meet one of my coaching Clients, Steve Green.  He's from Suffolk, VA and he's a full time Barber.  He closed his 1st real estate deal and made $3,000....
Way to go steve.
This video is a case study of how Steve closed his 1st deal.  It is a step by step interview from house down to the check.  1st Steve talks about how he found the deal & where you can find great deals too.  Next we discuss how he talked the seller down from $35,000 to an $18,000 sales price.  We talk about the exact negotiating tactics and strategies to use to get the seller to drop his price.  And then he explains how he sold his deal in less than a week.  I'm glad to have been a part of what you're doing Steve.  Enjoy this short real estate training video as we hang out in my favorite hotel, the Embassy Suites.....

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