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All Day Training"

Where to get the money"


   "If you're looking for ways to
raise all the money you need
to flip houses,
This Boot Camp is for you!"

    Final workshop for 2012      

 -Are you tired of NOT having the money to flip houses?
-Got approved for a loan but still need down payment money?
 -Sick of getting low returns on your investment capital
-Need to create wealth and stop trading hours for dollars
 (Wholesaling DOESN'T create wealth... sorry)

"I understand your pain because I've been there..."

 The number 1 reason ALL businesses fail is lack of cash.  Join us as we walk you step by step on how to find all the money you need to flip your next house, and not from a bank.  We're going to show you how to raise private investment capital.

Kris Haskins is a full time real estate investor
and wants you to know that there is tons of money
 just looking  for a home and you can find it, just like he did.   

  Kris Haskins

This all day training will walk you step by step how to:

 -Build your own bank using a Roth IRA- TAX FREE
-How to raise the money to fix and flip your next house without going to the bank, (Use OPM, Other People's Money)
-Earn unbelievable high rates of return on your money- TAX FREE 
-Buying houses and creating TAX FREE wealth using your IRA
Plus Special guest General Contractor, Arthur Miller
will be covering how to estimate repairs and be
exact when you're making your offers.  Repairs are
always changing and Arthur knows the game. Don't let
your next deal lose money.  Let Arthur help you get your
repair estimates down to a science so you can make
offers quickly.. 

Arthur Miller- General Contractor 30 Years

    Location & Date:
  October 27th, 2012
 Holiday Inn Express
1157 N. Military Hwy.
Norfolk, VA 23502

(Across from Walmart)

Yes we're finally coming to Norfolk...

  ADDED BONUS       
   ALL that attend will get my newest training dvd set:
Renovation Rock Star for Real Estate Investors.

This step by step DVD training series walks you through a LIVE recorded documentary of one of my flips.  It takes you into the house before the repairs and explains all the steps I use to do a complete renovation to sell quickly.  You'll see plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing, windows and much more...   It captures my secrets to get full price offers on my flips.  Do you know what home owners like IN THIS MARKET?  Don't worry, because it's all in the DVD's.

Registered Soldiers:
Nancy Urquhart
Jeffery Power
Julie Milne-Cawley
Anthony Ownaeze
Brenda Gibbons
Jai Johnson
Charles Barnhill
Lisa Eichler
Morris Lane
Reginald Charity
Jennifer Kellam
Lakesha Edwards
Mike Reilly
Steve Green
Willie Holly
Joseph Vinson+2
Barry Hadley+1

                 1 Person                            2 Person
  Early bird registration-$99                           Early bird registration $149 
          ($149 After 10-19-12)                                                  ($249 After 10-19-12)
          ($199 per person at door)                                            ($199 per person at door)

   Early bird Registration Person-$149
                                          3 and you're free
           ($249 after 10-19-12)            
(Get 2 friends to come and your registration is FREE)
Please provide names on receipt.

Who will invest in YOUR future? If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with this training workshop,  we will give you A FULL refund plus $10 for gas!!!

Email us at realestateroundup@gmail.com  or  call Amanda at 757-309-0369 "Where to get the Money" 1 DAY TRAINING Boot Camp REGISTER EARLY     Happy Investing...

* All ACTIVE coaching club members are FREE  

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