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I've been working in the real estate investing business for approx. 7 years and have done over 80 deals.  This system allows me to give to my community by assisting others in getting involved in the sport of real estate acquisition & finance. This wholesaling system is designed for people who want to either start off wholesaling or continue to grow their business by wholesaling with out being on the phone constantly taking calls. It will outline exactly how I was able to wholesale over 50 houses before I actually started rehabbing them.  Just think, 1 house is over $100,000- HOW MUCH CAN 1 MISTAKE COST YOU, $5000 maybe $10,000 if you're lucky.  I hope to assist you in getting paid in real estate investing...
This Wholesaling book covers:
-Real Estate Investor's Mindset 
-My Wholesaling system
-How to get organized
-Killer Marketing & advertising ideas
-Generating & Pre-screening Leads
-Secrets to finding investor buyers....

       I cover the exact documents you'll need to make sure your deals are successful
 It also gives you a crash course in:
-Rehabs (property flips)
-Subject to's (the no money down of the 2000's)
-Lease options
-Owner financing/Seller carryback deals

 When investing in real estate, you can easily be dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars. How much can 1 mistake cost you? I know how much because I've made almost every mistake there is to be made. I have also invested countless man hours and hard earned dollars to bring you the most up to date information and airtight documents to protect you during your real estate journey. I hope you enjoy your time with me and get all that you have been looking for.

 Good luck!!!!  


Over $12,500 on 1st wholesale deal!!!

I saw you speaking at our local real estate investor’s association, TRIG.   I too was in the music business for many years.  After using your course material, I was able to find and wholesale my 1st property……. Your system for finding investor buyers is great & I'm using the construction estimator on a rehab.    I am now in the business full time and I’ve done over 10 deals.  Thanks for your support and partnering with me on my property flip deals.  It has been a blessing to work with you!!!!!!

-Antonio Edwards

Prolific Properties

Virginia Beach, VA


Hey Antonio, I thank you for your work ethic bro... It has been a pleasure being  involved in your deals & your life!!!!!!

Does your business look anything like this??
             Business Flowchart
When I first got started, I was in every single box in my flow chart.  Then I realized that I could get nothing done.  So now I rely on automated systems to free up my time so I can focus on doing deals, and you should too. 
     Let me help get "YOU" OUT OF THE BOX!!!
  with my wholesaling SYSTEM.  Save YourSelf Time Energy & Money...  I found out that if I waste my time with sellers that have a motivation level of a 1 through 6, then my highly motivated sellers from 7 through 10 may go to the next investor.  Don't waste time talking to people that don't want to do business YOUR WAY!!!
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Over $40,000 on 2 deals!!!

     " I met you at our local investment group.  Not only do like the big checks we made from doing deals together, but I'm also glad you shared this information that investors need right off the bat to get started!!!!"
-Chris Small
-Albuquerque, New Mexico
-Active Military/Investor

Hey Chris, that 2nd deal was a challenge for us but you hung in there and we were able to get the house sold and move to the next project.  Thnx for believing in me and my system...

Real Estate Wholesaling System & Investing 101

Over $5,000 on 1st wholesale deal!!!!
also used no money down strategies to buy his own home...

I did my 1st wholesale deal using your system.  It was a great experience.  I used your marketing ideas to find below market properties. After looking at several houses I finally found one that fit the formula.  Our 1st  wholesale deal was very challenging but your documents helped things flow smoothly.  Our buyer had an attorney that was extremely slow.  As time went on our seller was getting anxious and was ready to back out of the deal………  We got it closed and moved on the next deal, Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience!!!!!!!

-Paul Abercrumbie

2nd Time Around thrift store

Suffolk, VA

Hey Paul, that was rough deal but  you’re one shrewd businessman; I look forward to our next deal together!!!!

Real Estate Wholesaling system & Investing 101

            $5000 Assignment fee on 1st Deal              

I brought my check to hear you speak at our local REIA.  I'm a real estate agent and your system helped me wholesale my 1st deal.  The proof of funds you provide allowed me to put offers in on listed properties.  It was a HUD house and we had to do a double closing.  Thanks for the coaching....

-Hosea Hardin
-Real Estate Agent
Williamsburg, VA

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