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Interview with Karen Downs
Real Estate Investor & Realtor


     Karen has spent the last 14 years investing in real estate; And full time since 2003.  As owner of http://www.SunrisePropertySolutions.net , She’s spent the last several years focusing on wholesaling and rehabbing property in Hampton Roads.  Currently, she has over 970 investor-buyers in her database which allows her to move wholesale deals quickly.  That’s a HUGE list……She welcomes the opportunity to help new investors move deals, or work as partners with seasoned investors.  

     While wholesale deals are a passion, she’s currently focusing on land development projects to expand her profit base.   She’s  pleased to announce the acceptance of a  position as Account Executive with http://www.EDCRehabLoans.com .  EDC is the premier hard money lender in the area(and in 9 states)  offering an efficient, stream-lined approach to getting investment deals funded and closed quickly.   In other words, she can get funding for rehabs when most banks will say no.!!!!  Listen to Karen’s interview as she speaks on hard money, mistakes to avoid and please don’t miss her SECRETS to finding great deals…For information on buying wholesale deals, or obtaining hard money loans, get Karen's contact info (on the other side) Best Wishes to All!

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