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Monthly coaching club!!!


We will meet & go over various systems that you MUST have in place to continue to make offers & get deals done.  This is a monthly program that is designed to get you through your deals, but you must be willing to take action & put in the work.  We also cover deal structure, so you will understand how to structure your deals with favorable terms. 

This is just the 1st step in understanding how to efficiently run a real estate home business.  We will also cover real estate tools such as:

1.  Rehabbing & selling at retail with realtors

2.  Effective marketing & pre-screening strategies

3.  How to use private funds to fund your deals and stop begging for bank loans

4.  Tax Free investing using your Self Directed Roth IRA

5.  How to create your own bank using other people's Roth IRA's

6.  Assigning bank owned and MLS properties

7.  Meet Saturdays with all active coaching clients & professional speaker

8.  You get all the documents you need to do your deals

BONUS: All members get access to:

realquest.com-online real estate sales site to get Comps

coaching club Realtors- that can pull comps for you from the MLS


                             1 person                                           2 person (50% off)                                              

   Coaching Client Jennifer Kellam makes $5,000 on 1st deal

This is a program that should help you get you through your 1st deal.  Please note that you must be prepared to put in several hours a week to see results.  This not a guarantee that you will get a deal.. 

We meet at my property flips!!!!


& Make sure you understand construction costs...


     All coaching clients are required to have the "Get paid with houses you never own" course manual.  The purpose of this is simple.  When I first started our training, I would let people just sign up for the monthly training without having the course material.  When we would meet, I'd ask everybody to bring certain documents from the book.  Needless to say, the people that didn't have the course were completely lost.  So, I require all members to have the material.  The course makes it easier for us to communicate and it will raise your level of awareness regarding investor language.

The Coaching club membership is only $99 per month....    HOW MUCH CAN ONE MISTAKE COST YOU????  In this business 1 mistake can cost $5,000, $10,000 and up to $15,000.  How do I know???  Because I've made almost all of the mistakes for you!!!   I Just recently I made a big mistake and lost $17,000 on 1 deal!!!  and I'll tell you how.  I truly don't want you to make the same mistakes I made. I'm glad you didn't choose Office Max or Office Depot to build your real estate empire.  Let us assist you in building your real estate empire & give you the tools you need to be successful....


Sincerely, Kris Haskins 

            Dennis Dailey Makes $3,000 on 1st deal!!!                                             


 Hey Kris, I'm ready to get started!
                      1 person                                            2 person (50% off)                  



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