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Interview with Terry Robinson
Real estate investor for over 20 years

     Born in Norfolk  Terry is a local Real estate investor.  He received an Associates degree in Building Construction Technology from Norfolk State Univ in the 1980's.  He worked as a shoe salesman for 11 years & delivered newspapers to supplement his income.  He realized this wasn't going to make him wealthy.  He paid attention to the late night gurus of the 80's.  He also made a life changing observation.  A friend of Terry's that graduated at the top of their class was recruited into a so-called "great" job at the time.  This job paid $28k/year and had him working 72 hrs a week.  Terry began to consider the money, time and education was worth more to him than $28k/year.
     He began to go to as many free seminars as he could but never bought the courses.  He thought he could figure out the secrets of investing on his own.  Today, Terry says "that was a big mistake."  However, he did get some powerful tools from the seminars.  He started using private money to boost his career and accepted Jesus Christ into his life.  He soon opened an 8 A certified Government contracting company that took his rehabbing career from $300k to $20M gross.
     He attributes his success to setting goals(where he wants to live, how much money he wants to make, how many deals he wants to do etc....)  He is currently buying and selling in Tidewater & has a top notch real estate investing training & mentoring program.  Feel free to contact Terry any time at (all Terry's contact info is on the other side)
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