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"Introducing an amazing 1 hour Training that will show you exactly how to stop any foreclosure-even if it’s the same day....."
(WITHOUT hiring an attorney)

If you’ve ever had a great real estate deal, but the bank decided to foreclose on the house before you could get it closed, this webinar’s for you.  A few years back, I got fed up with losing great deals because I ran out of time with the bank.  I’d have a sweet deal with a bunch of equity OR I’d be negotiating a short sale and the bank would foreclose on the house.  I’d lose all that time and life energy putting the deal together just to end up with NOTHING.  I never understood why the bank’s short sale department doesn’t talk to the foreclosure department.

     SO, I found somebody smarter than me & paid him to show me how to stop the foreclosure process.

And guess what, Now it’s your turn   but we’re only charging you a fraction of what I paid(under $50).  The man sat me down and showed me the exact forms to use, how to fill them out and where to go to literally stop any foreclosure, even if it’s hours before the sale. This webinar is going to show you how to:

-How anybody can stop any foreclosure, ANYWHERE
-What documents you need to stop the sale
-How to fill out the documents
-What website to use to download the proper documents
-Where you go to stop the foreclosure sale in your town
-Why you don't need a lawyer to stop the foreclosure sale


Knowing how to stop the foreclosure will allow you to:  

 - More time for short sale negotiations with the bank
-Gives you time to work out terms with the seller
-Allows the seller more time to move or get tenant out
(this will save your seller's reputation)

-Makes you look like a frigging GENIUS to the seller (my favorite)
-Allows you time to restructure loan terms for loan modifications
-Takes pressure off of you to close quickly
-Gives you credibility of being a real estate professional

"I understand losing deals to the foreclosure process, because I"ve been there...   But I don't anymore..."

     Being able to stop a foreclosure is the number 1 tool that has allowed me to close more short sales.  Why is this such an important tool you need to have in your tool box?  Well, in today’s market the majority of your leads & deals, will have NO EQUITY.  These are my favorite types of leads because most people will throw them out.  I say, “BRING THEM ON”.  Don't let another foreclosure stop your deal from closing......    
                    This Training hosted by:

    "Philly Wholesaler"
                           Kris Haskins
Register below & we'll send you the link to log in for the
best kept secret to stop the greedy banks.........

If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with this training,  we will give your money back, no questions asked

Email us at kriz1204@gmail.com  or  call Amanda at 757-309-0369 "How to stop a foreclosure webinar" Happy Investing...  

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